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Professor Julia Buckroyd

Professor Julia Buckroyd

Professor Julia Buckroyd is Emeritus Professor of Counselling at the University of Hertfordshire and works in the field of eating disorders, helping clients to break the habit of yo-yo dieting and regain control over their lives and relationships. She is an author, broadcaster and therapist who brings her personal research experience to provide her clients with evidence based interventions.
Julia specialises in understanding eating behaviour and she can teach you to manage your daily life without having to use food.
She can also show you how to return food to an ordinary source of pleasure instead of danger, an endless temptation or possibly a cause of guilt or shame.
Her therapeutic strategy is based on the research literature which suggests that poor attachment history, alexithymia, poor self esteem/body esteem and difficulties in self-soothing/emotional regulation and forming mutually supportive roles, are all huge on-going problems for this particular group.

Access Julia’s full academic profile and see details of her publications and her latest client events.

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Julia celebrates 30 years as a Therapist

It seems hard to believe that I have been at this therapy business for 30 years. It seems a very long time since 1984 when newly minted from Birkbeck Student Counsme. After 5 years at The Place, I spent 5 years in full time private practice adelling course (run by the late lamented Ellen Noonan) I stepped into a full time job as Student Counsellor at the London Contemporary Dance School. It was there, for obvious reasons, that I became interested in disordered eating and had my fair share of dancers surviving on an apple and a couple of tissues a day! But that experience created in me a huge curiosity about how we use food which has never left me.
After 5 years at The Place, I spent 5 years in full time practice and already attracted people with disordered eating and a fair number of dancers, musicians, writers and artists. In 1995 I went to the University of Hertfordshire to run the Counselling courses, but after 5 years moved into a research position. It was then that I really got interested in over-eating and developed the programme that is now Understanding Your Eating. In 2008 I was offered a golden goodbye and ever since have been continuing that same old theme – trying to understand why we do what we do with food. So now I run all kinds of training events for counsellors especially in the field of disordered eating and related subjects.

I continue to train people to deliver the Understanding Your Eating Programme and spend 3 days a week working one to one with clients. There is no substitute for ‘going and doing it’ to keep us counsellors humble. It is never as easy as we think.I am extremely happy that I found my way to therapy as a second career. It has provided me with endless interest and stimulus and I am sure will continue to do so. I will certainly continue for the foreseeable future.

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Julia celebrating 30 years as a therapist in her gardens at home with family and friends.
Funds raised at the gathering were to provide Solar Water Pumps in Africa. If you would like to donate or for further information contact Practical Action at
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